sustainable recovery.

Australia's first foam cork rollers & more. Now available in the UK!

looks better

Our cork rollers, cork yoga blocks and cork massage balls are designed to be seen. Simple, yet considered, they merge seamlessly with your aesthetic.

We are all about sustainable redesign and believe that sustainability and thoughtful design go hand-in-hand.

feels better

Cork provides a more effective massage than traditional foam rollers and props as it does not compress to the same extent and wears better over time.

The effectiveness of our products is backed by research conducted at RMIT University. While our cork rollers might feel slightly more intense than you're used to, they're far more effective at releasing those tight spots and helping your muscles recover. Enjoy that post-work out release!

better for the environment

As a naturally occurring material, cork is highly biodegradable. Our products are designed for a lifetime of sustainable recovery but when you've exhausted them, you can pop them in your compost pile.

Or, re-purpose your products - they make great additions to the garden as they are naturally impermeable to liquid!

In comparison, currently 95% products made out of PVC + EVA (like traditional foam rollers) end up in landfill in Australia.

Let's make sure we're part of the solution.

The decades of mindlessly consuming plastic goods are over. We have entered the era of sustainability. Our mission is to find solutions for one big problem, the over consumption of plastic. Here’s us awkwardly, but lovingly admiring our cork creations!


Gab (left) is Melbourne born and bred and has spent the last few years researching the role of sports tech on injury prevention and rehabilitation at RMIT. Don’t get him started on the Tour de Anywhere… unless there’s a cycling trivia question you need answering.

Lillie (right) hails from London, studied in Edinburgh and started her career in Melbourne, working in marketing for a successful renewable energy startup. Believe it or not, she loves cork even more than solar energy.

We joined forces as Co-Founders of sure. project, a startup focused on “sustainable recovery” and combined our two passions.


+ have a listen to our episode of the Humans of Purpose podcast!