Break Up With Your Foam Roller


At sure. we love rolling out our muscles pre- or post- exercise. Regular rolling (self-myofascial release) results in improved joint range of motion, less build-up of dangerous scar tissue and increased blood flow to working muscles.

Put simply, rolling improves performance, reduces injury and speeds up recovery. Unfortunately, rollers currently on the market leave much to be desired. The two main issues:

  1. They're ugly

  2. They're made from unsustainable materials

Let's start with the first issue. Foam rollers are big, ugly, obnoxious lumps of EVA foam and PVC plastic. They either ruin the aesthetics of any room or they're stored away and never get used. Neither option works for us.

Secondly, foam rollers are made out of some of the most unsustainable man made materials - EVA and PVC. Similar to many plastics, these materials are derived from crude oil. The same crude oil that is polluting our oceans and warming our planet. On top of this, neither material is well recycled. PVC is recycled at a rate of less than 4%, the lowest rate recorded for all plastics. In fact, most recycling plants in Australia won't even accept EVA. 99% of foam rollers will therefore end up in landfill, biodegrading at a rate of about 500 years.

500 years... for a product that is used for 12-18 months. Surely there is a better way!

So, what are the options? Throw out your foam roller and hire a personal masseuse? Ha ha ha.

The Solution

Made from cork, we have designed Australia's first 100% natural, 100% biodegradable alternative to a foam roller. Not only do our cork rollers look and feel great, they are a completely sustainable, guilt-free alternative to traditional foam rollers.

It's time for sustainable recovery with our cork roller.